Trent Reznor stats

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full name: michael trent reznor

birthdate: may 17, 1965, 7:30 a.m. edst

address: new orleans, louisiana

height: about 5’6″

nickname: stimpy

eye color: hazel

hair color: dark brown, dyed jet black every six weeks

status: single

hometown: mercer, pennsylvania

religion: brought up protestant

favorite color: green

favorite candy: reese’s peanut butter cups, creamy

tattoos: none

education: 1 year at allegheny college

majors: computer engineering & music

piercing: ears and for about a year he had his septum pierced but it ‘was a nightmare
when i had a cold’

mother: nancy clark (homemaker)
mike reznor (interior designer/amateur bluegrass musician)
sister: tera (born 1971, mother of 2)
grandfather :bill clark (semi-retired furniture salesman)

When Trent’s parents divorced in the early 1970s, Trent stayed with
his maternal Grandparents (who raised him) and Tera stayed with her mother.
As a child, Trent was in the boyscouts, skateboarded, built model planes,
and played the piano (according to his grandfather). Trent’s piano teacher
(Rita Beglin) compared Trent’s piano playing to Harry Connick Jr. In high
school Trent was clean cut, handsome and popular. He played the tenor sax
and keyboards in his high school jazz and marching bands. He was also voted
best in drama by classmates and performed in local rock bands. No, he was
not abused as a child, and has never claimed to be (even though it seems
to be the fashionable thing to do among people these days).